Happy Chinese New Year All

Just a very quick note, I'll be leaving to Melbourne, Australia for studies this coming Sunday. Hence, parcels will be send out latest by Friday (11/2/11)

I'm not going to close down this blog, so please keep those emails and orders coming in!!! ;))) However, since i'll be based in Australia, all shipping fee will be more expensive.
*note for malaysians* Unless you are willing to wait until July, then you may opt for the normal pos laju rate. :)

Till then, have a cheerful chinese new year and collect more ang pows!!! Happy Shopping~

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Good News!

Dear Shoppers,

I'm proud to announce that you can now pay for your purchases at jasmine's case #18038782682 via Credit Card at PayPal!

Now, you can shop with true convenience without leaving your computer. You also no longer have to step out your house to pay via ATM Transfer!

What adds on to the joy is that there'll be NO SERVICE CHARGE when you make a payment via PayPal! *yayhh*

PayPal is jasmine's case #18038782682 preferred payment merchant!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring! Floral Blossoms ♥


It's Spring! Floral blossoms once again and welcomes the Chinese New Year (CNY) too! ;)))
One girl can never haz enough dresses in their closet - especially those in trend; vintage pastel colors sweet stuffs and definitely the main character, florals! ♥ What more can you ask for if it all combines together? ;)

And there goes your pick ;
Vintage Florals - click here!
Spring Florals - here!
Sweet Pastel Florals - here! SOLD
New Year Florals - email me for photos :)

and lastly, this haz no florals on it at all but it definitely makes you feel like you're a princess in a fairy tale celebrating the most romantic day of the year - Valentines Day with your loved ones! ;)
Click here for your fairy tale dress in lovely fuschia!
p/s: This lovely piece is spotted on Dawn Yang's boutique


Not excited yet?
There'll be RM5-RM10 rebate for all Diva Accessories when you purchase one of these lovely dresses! Yup, even if you purchase just one! ;)))
What are you waiting for?
Grab them home now now now!!!